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sasha-braus-the-potato-boss asked: Sasha reached out to touch Mikasa's shoulder.



Mikasa glanced at the brunette, furrowing her eyebrows.
“I’m okay Sasha..really.”

Mikasa’s eyes looked down and her voice became softer.

"Yeah.. I know."

Sasha grew even more concerned. “Then what’s bothering you?”

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muse a and muse b are military soldiers, fighting a war because they’ve become of age. they meet, and hit it off, but they’re separated when the war turns sour and they’re sent to different parts of the world. the communicate in letters, and although it takes weeks before one letter can be sent, they always get them eventually. 

but what if muse b’s letters just stopped coming? muse a, frightened and alone, believes them to be dead, with no clarification. and then they find each other years later, and muse b kept writing letters, although they could never be sent. 

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