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The Dog Days Are Over || Seasonaloath


Eventually, around the time Sasha’s teeth grew in, he started to calm down, his eyes shut. He was panting, his wings twitching every now-and-then. “It seems like the effects have settled in for Mouth, and the break span for Whimper had set in.” Break span… Was there still more he had to endure for changes? That thought made more tears form in the blonde’s eyes, and they streaked down his cheeks as they formed.

"I think they’re good enough now to be moved and settled into new homes. They’re going to be exhausted, so they can’t really put up much of a struggle." Saying that, the scientist went and undid the straps on the blond male, careful of his wings as he went and picked him up, putting him over his shoulder. As he predicted, Armin was too worn-out to even really react to anything that was being done to him.

Spitting out the last couple teeth, she practically went limp and she hung her head in defeat. Sasha’s short breaths ended up matching Armin’s. The scientist who seemed to favor her rotated the button so her table laid her back down and released her of the leather straps. She looked to her hands with glazed over eyes, she saw how rubbed raw they were.

The man grabbed her under her arms and hoisted him over his shoulder with a grunt. She wanted to fight, with her newly formed fangs, she knew she could do more damage than before, but she couldn’t even find the strength to move her head.

It was a short walk through dark hallways and into another dark room. Sasha blinked a few times, her eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness and could make out cages, some empty, others containing kids, probably in the same position as them. They came to a stop and the jingle of keys caused her ears to twitch. So this was their new home? A dog create. The man tossed her into the cage and she winced once she hit the floor.

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